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Current Promotions. These gifts are supernatural abilities bestowed upon individuals by the Holy Spirit. They are not natural abilities. These manifestations are for the common good of the Church and are not to be used to promote the importance of the person bearing the gift. We are the vehicles the Lord uses for the outpouring of His blessings upon His people. Christians open to the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit, to use them for their own building up and then for the building up of the church, should know what the gifts are and pray for the gift of discernment in when and how to use certain gifts.

This is a supernaturally imparted Word. If we proclaim a healing or promise of salvation because of what we have studied, we are being presumptuous, not faith filled. True supernatural knowledge starts with knowing God personally, through Jesus Christ.

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It explains or illuminates a given revelation such as a word of knowledge, discernment of spirit or the communication of revealed prophecy. This is not the same as wisdom we gain from our experiences in life or intellectual pursuits. It is not to be confused with the virtue Baptismal gift of wisdom. The discernment of spirits is NOT everyday discernment used for making decisions, nor an insight into human nature that one might naturally possess, nor an adept ability to suspect something wrong in the motive of others.

It is NOT the natural ability to assess situations.

The Word of Knowledge

The discernment of spirits is a supernatural gift of revelation given for a specific situation This revelation can come through a vision, a sense, or a specific word similar to a word of knowledge. The gift of discernment of spirits is essential in ministry to people who have been involved in drugs, premarital sex, witchcraft, and other habits of grave sin, when they seek to change their lives. It is also important to pray for the gift of discernment when we listen to teachings or prophecies, read Christian or secular publications, and watch Christian or secular TV programs, movies, videos, or view websites.

Discernment of spirits and Wisdom help judge and validate healings and miracles as well as prophecy and words of knowledge. As with the other gifts, a word of wisdom should be sought through quiet prayer before bringing forth what is being revealed. Discretion and compassion to insure the dignity of the person receiving ministry are required. This manifestation gift requires commitment to deep prayer and maturity in the Spirit. To pray, to speak or to sing in Tongues is to pray in what could be an earthly or heavenly language; a language current on the earth or one long dead, or it could be any one of countless dialects.

Praying in tongues brings deliverance, inspiration, refreshment both spiritually and physically , revival, wisdom and is a means to victory in spiritual warfare. In your prayer language you pray in tongues. There is a distinction. Vincent M. Praying in tongues is a permanent gift. Speaking in tongues is a transient gift used only when there is an anointing.

Robert DeGrandis. The gift of tongues is considered the "least" of the gifts, even though it is often presented as a very important manifestation of the baptism in the Spirit. Also see Catechism of the Catholic Church, , , , etc — scroll up to see "How does the Catholic Church confirm the gift and charisms of the Holy Spirit…? This can be brought forth by the person who has given the tongue, or it can be given by someone else in the group.

It is the responsibility of leadership to make sure that NO praising, singing, scripture reading, or other prophetic tongue occurs until time has been allowed for the interpretation. We should be silent and wait upon the Lord, and we should pray for someone to have the confidence to deliver the interpretation and ask for it to come forth. Others receiving prophetic words before the interpretation is given should be encouraged to wait. Interpretation may come in a variety of ways, similar to the length and style of the tongue spoken; or it may be completely different, expressed in longer or shorter words, as a vision, a sense, an inspired thought or a symbol in pictures.

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The person with the interpretation may receive it as if the person speaking in tongues was speaking to them directly in their own language, or it may just be a phrase or a word that comes as the individual is speaking in tongues. The necessary ingredient for bringing forth a message in tongues or an interpretation is the willingness to trust God. This gift, like all the manifestations or gifts of the Holy Spirit, needs to be encouraged and called forth. It is an anointing given as the Spirit wills to anyone open to bringing forth a gift in love to their brothers and sisters in Christ to promote the spiritual growth and development of the body of believers.

It always brings glory to Jesus. Prophecy can manifest through a vision, words, and thoughts or be prompted by a form of physical sensation to alert us to listen. Prophecy should always be discerned and tested by the body of believers present. Prophecy is not an ability given to someone to prophesy at will, but rather a definite message given at a particular time by the Spirit for a distinct purpose.

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Not all who prophesy are prophets cf. A prophet is a person who consistently over time expresses prophetic words which are powerful and which elicit a response from many in the group. Faith involves entrusting oneself wholly to God and to believe absolutely and completely what He reveals. The gift of the Faith of God is the supernatural faith that will heal, bring about miracles, and move mountains! To minister in the Faith of God we should center our mind on God and open our spirits to receive words of knowledge and words of wisdom as well as His Faith — what he wants to do.

See Acts , Acts , Genesis with Romans , among others. God is interested in healing our total person. Jesus used many different methods of healing, such as laying on of hands, casting out demons, spitting and making mud then applying it, and proclaiming healing from a distance. Jesus is the healer. Even healings that come to us through the intercession of Mary and the saints are through their intercession with Jesus the Healer.

Kenneth E Hagin - Supernatural Knowledge and Wisdom - The Spirit of Knowing & Seeing

Healing is given as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit to build up, encourage, strengthen, make new or whole an individual or a group for the glory of God and the blessing of His people — to sanctify or to make holy the recipient, to glorify God, to build faith, to be a sign of the power and presence of God, to meet the need, to change the circumstances, to build up the Church. Healing may be physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual or relational. When we pray for healing, some type of healing comes, though it may not be specifically what we asked for.

Healing is often accompanied with the gift of tears — a wonderful gift described by one of the saints as the "washing of the soul".

Joy also often accompanies healing and can be expressed through "holy laughter" or tears. Discernment of all the circumstances of the Divine Gift of Healing is necessary. Those in the Healing Ministry should be committed to receiving continuous teaching, deep prayer and the use of the sacraments, and open to the other manifestation or charismatic gifts, especially Word of Knowledge and Word of Prophecy.

The Lord bestows miracles to encourage, strengthen and support the faith of His people or to correct a given situation which cannot be accomplished by any natural means; or to show His power at work in response to a ministry of preaching or teaching. Not all members of the body have the same function.