Manual Petites Filles Patron Crochet Amigurumi (French Edition)

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Petites Filles Patron Crochet Amigurumi (French Edition) eBook: Sayjai, Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen, Yan: Kindle Store.
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Fun and clear! Thank u so so much for this free pattern, m learning to crochet n this seem so right for me, just d one i have been looking for, simple n easy. I am making these now…they are fabulous and so quick to make…I am going to hang them on my Christmas Tree with numbers 1 to 24 on them, and they will become a kind of advent calendar…thank you!

I was wondering the same thing about the slip stitch into the first SC? Also do I need to chain 1 after the slip stitch before beginning my round of SCs? Or do you just SC all the way around non-stop? I think that might be my problem, I am having trouble seeing where one round ends! Anyways I will keep working with it — I absolutely love the pattern and the size.

This is first pattern I have found that actually looks like a little stocking and will fit on xmas packages and trees. Do you turn or chain or slip stitch at the end of each round? MERCI pour cet adorable tuto!!!! Perfect doll size. Thank you very much! Thank you soooooo much for this awesome pattern!!!!!! I just finished making one!!!!

I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you very much for sharing your great pattern and for your super clear explanations! Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe tuto. I sent one of these to Scotland to one of my friend I knowed on october. This is such a lovely little sock! Thank you for sharing it.

I hope to make several for the Christmas tree this year. I crochet the stockings to 6 inches so I decrease the […].

7 MODELES GRATUITS-BLOG Modèle GRATIS Amigurumi d'Henrriet en Version FR

Love this pattern and so easy. You gave the instructions perfectly. Make great tree ornaments and gift deco as well. I love this pattern. I am so glad that I stumbled on your site. I am new to crocheting and you have given me so much to want to do. Your instructions are really great.

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I cant wait to try out these little socks. With Christmas coming I am really eager. Thanks so much again. How do I print the directions for little Christmas sock? I need to follow written instructions. Me gustaria aprender hacer esos calcetines,, pero no entiendo nada , xq no se ingles.. Como puede ayudarme..

Gracias x su atencion prestada.. I LOVE this pattern but what size is it for? I have a 12 month foot size I need it for?

Maybe I missed that part of the pattern?! Thanks for sharing it was wonderful!!

DEUX PETITES MAINS by deuxpetitesmains on Etsy

I only crocheted the pattern to 6 inches long so I adjusted the original pattern just a bit to […]. The pattern was easy to follow but the pictures were helpful.

Sandales bébé crochet très facile 1/2 / Crochet Baby sandals very easy

You have just made my gift-making this year! Thank you very very much! Love your pattern. Tried it, but in a smaller version. Translated your pattern and wrote it on my blogg. I linked it to you, not to take any credit for it. I LOVE these, and am working on my first one. I have finished part one and two, but twhen I crochet around for the first part, I cannot figure out how to only have 22 sc around.


Do you do some decreases? I will send you pics when I am done! Love this beautiful little stockings! Worked great for me. I also found your pattern easy to follow but had to turn my sock around to match the direction of your diagram. You see, I am left handed but once I matched the diagram, it was very easy. I made these last year to put peoples cutlery in on the christmas table. Just uploaded my picture to pinterest but have credited the pattern to you. If you are unhappy about me doing thatt please let me know and i will delete it x if you want to take a look search Nicky Nobbs on Pinterest x.

I did the 7 rows of 10sc and have the flap. What do I do after this? No, this one will have to be his permanent stocking. I found an adorable pattern at lemondedesucrette.

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I followed the basic pattern, but enlarged it considerably. As long as no more grandchildren […]. I LOVE these! Keep reading the step by step free crochet pattern at Le Monde De Sucrette here. Have fun […]. Will they fit? Uso una T.

Lulu Tulipe & Tutu

I have been trying to master the art of making a Christmas stockings now I am going to try this one and make it larger hope that works. Thanks for sharing this Nancy. Has anyone tried these with thread instead of yarn? I am going to give it a whirl. Thank you for the pattern. I am new at crocheting, as I inherited my late grandmothers hooks, and have thus far only made granny squares. However, I have just finished my first ever little Christmas stocking, with thanks due to your excellent instructions. Thank you so much for sharing your clear and easy to understand instructions. I will be making these for all my relatives this Christmas.

I made several of these adorable Christmas Socks last year using your pattern. I plan to make more this year too. Bonjour, je viens de tomber sur votre site avec vos belles chaussettes, so cute!!! Merci encore pour ce tuto simple et clair.